Battlefield 4 Recommended Video Cards


Will your 1-2 year old Nvidia or ATI video card be able to handle the thrashing it is going to get from the new and very mind blowing EA Battlefield 4 PC game?

We can only say that you better hope so, BF4 is going to be the FPS game of 2013 that everyone will be playing.

Check out why our recommendations for Battlefield 4 (BF4) coming this October 29th can't be overlooked.

Current Battlefield 4 Recommended Hardware Specifications

EA have updated the released PC hardware specifications for Battlefield 4 since they were originally announced earlier in the development of the game.

This has been brought about through changes and additions to game features which have impacted on the amount of demand this game will have on your PC.

*See below image.
battlefield 4 recommended hardware specifications

Some of the major reasons behind this are due to the intensive new in game graphical effects that will be taking place such as levolution, which is a new term coined by EA and Dice.

What is Levolution? Levolution is simply explained as a major scene / landscape changer in the game’s normal multiplayer levels which can change the scene of the battlefield drastically, either to an advantage or a disadvantage, how this effects you would really depend on your style of game-play.

Check out this youtube video here where the developers explain this new feature.

We also have got some screenshots below displaying the amazing new lighting system and other visual goodies in the new FROSTBITE 3 engine which is powering Battlefield 4.

This again proves that EA and Dice are going all out to compete against other game titles being released this year.

battlefield4, bf4, amazing lighting effects battlefield4, bf4, high visual effects

Now that you can see what is coming in Battlefield 4 it is definitely a good time to evaluate your gaming setup to see if your current video card will be up to the challenge of running these new stunning visuals at decent settings and with good fps.

Is your video card going to be able to handle the above?

Does it meet the recommended hardware specifications?

If it is time to upgrade then check out our video card recommendations for Battlefield 4 from our three main brands.

What Video Cards Do We Recommend For BF4?

From our main powerful and high quality video card brands we have put together three recommendations to suit your entry-level, mid-range and high-end gamers budget. Sapphire, ASUS, EVGA and Gigabyte


Written by Ben Davis - Ultimate Graphics